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Soil Consultants Engineering

A Woman Owned Small Business

Services Offered


Engineering Services

Our in-house staff makes it possible for SCE to respond quickly to even the most complicated problems experienced.  We are readily available to consult on a wide variety of topics, including design work, in-situ soil conditions, truss and wood frame repairs in addition to building code plan reviews.  Our engineers allow us to provide a broad spectrum of services including:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Commercial Code Inspections
  • Third-Party Peer Review Services
  • Building Code Consultation
  • Construction Problem Solving
  • Soil Remediation
  • Concrete, Asphalt Post Construction
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Framing Repair Details
  • Slab and Footing Design Details  

Natural Disaster Services

Nobody thinks about a natural disaster until it's happened!  Fortunately we've got the experience will be ready to help with damages caused by events such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

  • Forensic Structural Inspections
  • Structural Design
  • Consulting and Recommendations

Construction Observation


Construction Observation & Material Testing

 Our Project Mangers and Engineering Technicians are ready to assist with all of your inspection, observation and testing needs.  Our unique project management system has been developed to service clients by region in order to allow for prompt response to unforeseen site conditions during construction.  

Soils Observation & Material Testing

Our certified technicians are trained to perform all levels of soil testing from monitoring fill placement, stripping of top soil, proof-rolling of sub-grades, testing of compacted fill, moisture density relationships and the collection of soil samples for laboratory testing. 

  • Large and Small Scale Land Development for both residential and commercial sites.
  • Site Testing and Inspections to monitor the placement of reinforced earth structures and specialty foundations.

Concrete Observation & Material Testing

Our certified concrete technicians will observe batch plant operations, pump truck discharge, chute truck discharge and hand mixed concrete.  During cold weather, concrete services are provided to ensure that your concrete is protected from the elements and cured in the proper environment.  Testing includes:

  • Slump
  • Placement Temperature
  • Air Entrainment
  • Field Specimen cylinders are taken for compression strength testing

Asphalt Observation & Material Testing

Our services include observation and testing for Base, Intermediate or Surface Asphalt installation for public or private streets or parking areas to include:

  • Control Strip Testing
  • Lot Density Testing / Nuclear Density Gauge
  • Placement Monitoring for Quality Control
  • Extraction of newly placed asphalt samples by coring method for thickness verification and other laboratory testing
  • Specific Gravity Tests
  • Investigation & Evaluation of Existing pavement

Masonry Observation & Material Testing

Our services include:

  • Compressive Strength Testing (cubes and cylinders)
  • Observation of Reinforcement Placement
  • Observation of Mortar Bed Lay-up Operations
  • Casting of compressive strength mortar cubes or cylinders for field mixed mortar

Sprayed On Fire Proofing Insulation Observation & Testing
Sprayed Applied Fire Insulation Observation & Testing 

Inspection Services


Inspection Services

 Our Commercial Inspectors provide the quality control necessary to ensure success on each project.  They inspect the foundations that support architectural structures to make sure from the bottom up, that structure will be sitting and supported on firm stable ground.  We understand that your buildings are not just an investment but a testament to the success of your business.  We have a dedicated staff of experienced Residential Inspectors that are certified and experienced.

  • Soil Bearing Tests for Foundations
  • Formwork and Shoring for Walls & Elevated Slabs
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement of all Structural Concrete
  • Strength Verification Letters
  • Observation Pre & Post Construction
  • Post-pour Concrete Wall & Slab Inspections
  • Confirming the presence of reinforcing steel by R-meter observation

Structural Steel Inspections

With over 20 years of structural quality control we provide steel and welding inspection and consultations on new and existing structures.