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Soil Consultants Engineering

Soil Consultants Engineering
58 years of engineering services


Scope of Services

We provide full service lab testing for soil, aggregate, and concrete projects contracted in our Manassas, Virginia location laboratory.   

Soil Consultants Engineering (SCE) laboratory is used for the company’s contracted geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and observation projects.  Additionally the SCE laboratory has worked with individual clients to provide laboratory testing results to contractors, structural material providers, and other construction industry professionals. 

SCE has decided to streamline our laboratory based work agreements into a submittal form which is provide here.  Anyone looking to contract our laboratory services is able to do so simply by filling out the Laboratory Submittal Form (below) and sending in your samples. Please call us about any questions or concerns about this service.

For more information about our Laboratory Services call 

703-366-3000 and ask for the Lab Manager.

Soil Tests

Acid Base Accounting

California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

Proctors and Modified Proctors

Soil Classification

Texture Analysis

Concrete Tests

Concrete Compression Testing

Masonry Compression Testing

Laboratory Services

Download and complete the Laboratory Submittal Form.  Mail or bring your sample(s) to 9303 Center Street, #3 Manassas, VA 20110.  An email confirmation will be sent once the sample(s) have been processed.

If you have any questions or concerns about the laboratory submittals, contact the Lab at 703-366-3000.  Thank you.

Laboratory_Submittal_Form (pdf)