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Lubomir Peytchev - Senior Geotechnical Engineer


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Extensive experience in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering including design, specifications, surveying, budgeting, estimating, construction material testing and field construction reviews.

Reviewed and visually classified soil samples; assigned samples for general soil classification tests; prepared the finalized test boring logs; analyzed pavement conditions and subsurface conditions, analyzed groundwater conditions/permeability. Performed geotechnical engineering analysis as shallow foundation analysis, deep foundations analysis, slope stability analysis, settlement analysis; and seismicity analysis.

Prepared engineering reports and contract documents. Performed design and write recommendation for site preparation and bulk earthwork; landslide stabilization and rockfall remediation, continuous, column pad and mat foundation recommendations; pavement design recommendations; pavement subgrade recommendations; retaining walls recommendations, floor slab recommendations; and deep foundation recommendations; Oversaw engineering services during construction on projects involving shallow and deep foundations, support of excavations, pipelines, and tunnels.

Involved in construction review services: performed soil nail, drilled shafts, auger cast piles, and H piles review and pile load tests; support of excavations. Performed weld, bolt, steel, roof deck and veneer reviews; performed masonry review and mortar and grout testing; performed wood roof frame and deck reviews; performed reviews on reinforcement on retaining walls, shallow and deep foundations, spray-on fireproofing review and testing.