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Soil Consultants Engineering

A Woman Owned Small Business

Doug Smith - Vice President & Operations Director


Doug is the third generation at SCE and currently serves as Vice President & Operations Director of the company.  He ran multiple businesses throughout high school and college, while working as a technician and inspector for SCE. Through this experience, he learned the basics of business development, construction inspections and engineering. 

Doug earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee with a concentration in Geology in 2005 and worked as a project manager at Environmental Consultants and Contractors (ECC) a leading environmental consulting company for 4 years.

Doug started working full-time at SCE in 2010 to help rebuild the company from the recession. Since 2010 the company has doubled in size by opening other services to provide to our clients and expanding our service area to projects around the U.S. He is constantly striving for more improvement, growth and development of the company while keeping his goals of providing the best customer service in the industry.

Leading by example Doug is constantly working to improve himself and his certifications. He currently has five ICC certifications and strives for more while becoming a Professional Geologist.