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Morgan Perpall - Laboratory & Project Manager


Morgan has been working for Soil Consultants Engineering for more than 3 years, first as a soil technician, then laboratory manager and now project manager. She is certified by ACI and NICET programs and is proficient at using and interpreting ASTM and AASHTO standards for construction. She passed the FE exam and is pending licensed for Virginia EIT. Her short-term goal is to obtain her PE license. Morgan’s education and interest in engineering comes from material science at Northern Virginia Community College, Clemson University, and University of Leeds. 

Her interests are in environmental energy issues as well as the research involved in making environment friendly energy more economically available. As well as in facilitating the use of more environmentally aware practices into current construction and new development plans. This includes but is not limited to the promotion of permeable pavements and toxic soil/ water rehabilitation plans due to construction and/or new developments.