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Chris Browning - Senior Field Technician & Inspector


Chris Browning  is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma withe a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics.   

Research projects Chris participated in are:  

Seismic Interpretation Project: Collected and analyzed seismic data of a mass transport complex (MTC) system in the Carnarvon Basin, Australia. Incorporated the use of Petrel to develop time slices of seismic attributes, which included variance, coherence, and GLCM entropy to develop a comprehensive understanding of MTC system characteristics. Efficiently tracked channels within the carbonate wedge by forming a surface, flattening the horizon, and creating phantom horizon slices.  And,   

Geostructure Modeling Project: Independently executed the design of a structural geology experiment. Provided significant knowledge by designing an experiment to test the process for recumbent folding and determine how it occurs. Developed a theoretical model to replicate the experiment design.

2012- 2014.

Chris joined Soil Consultants Engineering in April following school where he quickly earned certifications that allowed him to perform duties as a technician and then as an inspector. These certifications include ACI Grade I, ICC Residential Building, ICC Special Inspections in Reinforced Concrete.