Our soil science department is headed by the firm’s V.P., Mark Smith. Mark’s obtained a degree from NC State and has more than five years of experience of running a business. This division of SCE makes understanding the ground under your project its prime responsibility. Their expertise allows us to handle any soil potential/suitability analysis that might be required with regards to sewage disposal systems and general land use for starters. Mark’s team also assists with state and local regulatory agencies and ensures that even experimental pre-treating/disposal systems receive the attention they deserve.

Mark and his group of elite soil scientists conduct a variety of studies and analysis to help determine soil potential and suitability for infiltration for Fairfax County required Rain Gardens and other general land uses. We provide consulting services to assist with state and local regulatory agencies for conventional, conventional pre-treating and experimental sewage disposal systems.

Our soil percolation and soil science services include:

  • Soil and landscape observations, with regards to sewage disposal systems.
  • Percolation testing.
  • Storm water infiltration systems studies. (BMP/SWM Infiltration system studies for Fairfax County DEM.)
  • Feasibility studies and soil mappings.
  • Alternative sewage disposal systems studies/consultations (elevated sand mounds, spray irrigation, aquaerobics, etc.).
  • Existing well and sewage disposal systems evaluations for real estate transfers.
  • Sediment and erosion control assessments.
  • Consultation regarding temporary sewage disposal options (pumps and hauls permits, etc.).