Commercial Inspectors provide the quality control necessary to ensure success on each project. They inspect the foundations that support our client’s dreams and achievements to make sure that from the bottom up your building will be sitting and supported on firm stable ground. Soil Consultants understand that your buildings are not just mere investments, but a testament to the success of your business. This is why we promote from within to guarantee that the inspector we place on your project is highly experienced and confident, and understands the practices and philosophies we live by.

Our inspectors are dispatched via the wireless PDA system from our state of the art Dispatch Center. Utilizing the PDA in conjunction with SQL database provides us with the ability to place our inspectors at your project when you need them most. SCE has a dedicated staff of experience residential inspectors that perform only residential inspections. When you call to set up an appointment, don’t waste your time talking to a machine. Soil Consultants, personal dispatcher will speak to you and schedule your time to make sure a person will be there when you need them.

  • Soil bearing tests for foundations.
  • Formwork and shoring inspections for walls and elevated slabs.
  • Reinforcing steel placement of all structural concrete.
  • Provide compressive strength verification letters for stripping of forms.
  • Observation of concrete form stripping, and reshoring operations.
  • Observation of pre and post tensioned slabs
  • Observation of concrete placement for column footings and elevated slabs
  • Performance of post-pour concrete wall and slab inspections.
  • Confirming the presence of reinforcing steel by R-meter observations.

Structural Steel Inspection Services

SCE’s inspection staff has over 20 years experience of structural quality control. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Steel Inspection & Welding Consultation and Testing on new and existing structures

  • We provide a full scope of Non-Destructive Testing capabilities ranging from Bolt Torque Testing to Ultrasonic Examination of various metals.
  • Repair procedures can be produced in short order utilizing stored data in our CAD system.

Sprayed On Fire Proofing Insulation Observation & Testing

It has become increasingly obvious that there is a lack of understanding when it comes to the principles and practices of spray applied fireproofing materials throughout the construction industry. That is the reason our inspection staff has been so committed to the success of the newly arrived WACEL spray applied fireproofing materials certification and testing process. Only through education can we ensure quality. Please check the WACEL website for a matrix of what a SOFI inspector should be knowledgeable and capable of. The following is minimum listings of our services.

Sprayed-Applied Fire Insulation Observations & Testing

  • Laboratory density testing of fire-resistive materials.
  • Measurement of the thickness of the sprayed-on materials at random locations for conformance to the project specifications.
  • Cohesion/Adhesion tests of sprayed-on fire resistive insulation.